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Mission, Vision, Values

 ​​ Our mission is to design, manufacture, and market RF passive devices with

world-class quality and technology.

Our vision is to achieve state-of-the-art in the segment of professional antennas.

Our values: Ethics, honesty, hard work, preservation of nature and

respect for cultural, racial, religious, and opinion Plurality.

Who we are


      BoldRF is a company dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and commercializing passive and active radio frequency antennas and devices for the professional market. Technology and quality are our work principles and have been present in the company since the first designed antenna.

  Our team of engineers and technicians work fully integrated to offer customers the best solutions in antennas and RF devices.


 Our sales team develops pre- and post-sales. Customer support works as a distance consultancy that assists consumers in structuring their projects, from the product choice to the moment of the system assembly and their respective results.


       BoldRF gives the responsibility for the steady and steady growth of its operation to a high level of quality. Today, with more than 150 products in our active mix, we build a solid and reliable base, recognized and verified in the telecommunications industry.


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